Wednesday, June 18, 2014

10 Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Beer Festival Experience

The word festival has a number of dictionary definitions.  Most of the definitions center around the common theme of celebration. These celebrations have been around since the idea of communal living (communities) took over for the life of nomads wandering the earth. Most of these celebrations center around a source of local pride.  Common themes range from local food harvest celebrations (an apple festival) to celebrating a local hero every year. There is one festival theme that (over the last decade) has expanded more than any other, the craft beer festival.

As the craft beer industry has taken off, so have the number of celebrations for the industry.Beer fans the world over have traveled in mass to open spaces dotted with tents decorated in familiar craft beer logos. The craft beer fest has become a popular way to showcase local and regional brews to people who may be inclined to stay inside the (macro beer) box when shopping for beverages at their local market. It’s also a great way to introduce new creations to legions of craft beer fans and get a “buzz” going for new products. With all that in mind, the craft beer festival is not just a place to get drunk on a multitude of flavors. There is an art (as craft beer is an art) to attacking and enjoying your experience at this festival. As lovers of craft beer and the festivals that celebrate them, we offer these 10 tips to help you get the most out of your beer festival experience.

Don’t let the summer pass without attending one of these great festivals of beer. Most cities have a number of them. Omaha where I am based has at least 5 and I’d like to thank the Omaha Beer Fest for letting us in to cover their festival two weeks ago. We have scheduled festival stops all summer long from San Diego to Denver to Omaha and beyond. Let us know when and where you’ll be attending so we can share, laugh, and eat tacos with you.