Thursday, July 3, 2014

6 Drinks that Shocked Me on the Road

Guest Post by Agness Walewinder

While visiting various countries across Asia and Europe, I stumbled upon some drinks that have absolutely surprised or shocked me. Their look and taste were something new to me. Although some of them I really loved, most of them were just way too disgusting and I would never try them again.

Macau Strawberry Milkshake

China: Baijiu

It's commonly known as white wine, but it's absolutely disgusting. Baijiu is a very strong distilled spirit that is more than 50% alcohol. Baijiu is closer to vodka in strength and mouth-feel. You should be extremely careful when tasting it - one baijiu shot can knock you down! Chinese often drink baijiu when celebrating big events and having a business lunch or dinner.

Chinese Baijiu Chinese Baijiu

Vietnam and Cambodia: Snake Wine

I've not tried it, but Cez did a few times. In touristy areas of Cambodia the content of the bottle looks like a fighting ground between snakes and scorpions. However, more traditional versions are more common and usually consumed by the locals in belief that it makes men more potent (sexually). One small glass of snake wine tastes okay, but if you try and drink too much you may start to feel that the content of the bottle contains more than just liquid.

Snake Wine

Belgium: Grimbergen Beer

Although I don't drink alcohol very often, there was one beer I really enjoyed when in Brussels - the Grimbergen beer. It has a dark ruby red color, a lovely metallic caramel smell and tastes a lot like toffee, some roasted bitter malt and some black cherry and dark fruits. The mouthfeel was amazing - somewhere between fizzy and airy. I highly recommend it to everyone visiting Belgium.

Belgium Beer

Macau: Red Beans and Agar-Agar Jelly Drink

When in Macau, we ordered a very refreshing and sweet iced coconut juice with red beans and agar-agar jelly in one of the local restaurants. It was simply heaven in our mouths, although the ingredients do not sound very yummy.

Macau's Drink

Crete: Greek Frappe

Greek frappe tasted a lot like Vietnamese coffee to me, but there was much less sugar and strength in it. It was pretty strong, extremely thick and creamy and so refreshing. Perfect for a sunny day in Rethymno. Apart from frappe and cold drinks, Greece has also a great coffee. If you are a coffee lover like me, who is seeking unique coffee experiences from around the world, make sure to try one in Crete.

Greek Frappe

Tibet: Butter Tea

Tibet welcomed us with one of the strangest teas we have ever drunk. It contains salt and butter, which takes a while to get used to, but it's very creamy and gives you a boost of energy in the morning. The traditional butter tea in Tibet is light reddish white and has a thick buttery surface.

Tibetans drink their tea throughout the day. They pour boiled tea into a long cylindrical churn along with salt and yak butter and mix it for a few seconds so it's ready to be served in a small glass. It was a great experience for us to see how locals make it.

What was the most delicious and disgusting drink you had on the road?

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