Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Best Places to Celebrate New Years Eve

Welcome to the "Night of a Thousand Uber Rides", formally known as the "Night of a Thousand Cab Rides". It's amateur night around the world, where adults and sort of adults all come together and become sort of adults. Some places have huge parties - Times Square, Sydney, London, Key West, Prague - but I have a feeling that if you're reading this and you're still in your home town that you probably don't have the time or resources to get to those party spots.

Well then, where is the best spot in your hometown to ring in the New Year? You might be amazed, but I know the best spot in every hometown - again if you're not at some iconic fireworks show over the Thames or partying with the Nivea crew in New York.

Yes, among all the amateurs, you have found a New Years Eve expert. I will say you're welcome before you read this list, because it's the only guide you will need for the night.

5. Not The Cool Bars Downtown

Every day life is full of things with blinky lights, drinks that are watered down and possible puke avoidance (all 3 of these if you're a parent), so why would you want to have your special night be surrounded by those very things. Keep your sight - and your shoes clean - and head to the corner tavern. If going out of the house is a must - and if you live in an environment that has a solid snow pack it is not a must - then head somewhere that conversations can be had and drinks can be, well, drinks.

4. McDonalds

"Come on man, McDonalds?" "How am I gonna take my significant other there?"

It's simple actually. Your plans for the night probably include getting some spirits into your body. Your night is probably going to cost a pretty penny as well if you're already going out. So, the simple solution is to put some cheap filling eats in your gut to save money and soak up alcohol. You don't have to do everything cool, sometimes you have to do it practically.

3, 2, 1. HOME

You know where the cheapest - and best tasting - drinks are served? HOME! You know where you can avoid every cover, tight squeeze and person who swears they remember you from high school even though you didn't grow up in that city, HOME. Do you know that I realize that I sound like a really crusty old man right now? YES! But I don't care. You can stock whatever you want to drink, stumble to bed without having to find a ride and - I'm jinxing here - rarely worry that an idiot is going to crash into your house unlike a highway scenario.

In all seriousness, Happy New Year to all. I hope that you have tons of fun, have some good local drinks and also have a safe evening. If you need me I'll be at home, now get off my damn lawn!